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Proudly presenting the promo trailer for my documentary “Is this Queensland in the 20s?”

After 18 months pursuing this drawn out story through a series of interviews and a visit to the Rainbow Stairs where the graffiti tag saga played out at Rainbow Beach, Queensland, I’m proud to unveil the promotional video of my new documentary – Is this Queensland in the 20s?

What could’ve been a simple and celebratory story became rather complex and took on a life of its own when the stairs were illegally graffitied tagged with a different message – “How Good Is Living”.

This message hijacked fully inclusive sporting organisation’s Team Rainbow’s involvement and legacy with the Gold Coast’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Pride House and my documentary highlights the going-ons during this turbulent time surrounding the Stairs.

Also included is a recent media interview with 3CR’s – In Ya Face radio podcast host James McKenzie.


  1. You have accurately and fairly approached both sides. We’re looking forward to watching your presentation of facts with evidence in your widely researched documentary film.


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