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Action was required, as a trans woman rugby player, I couldn’t be silent in Zoom meeting while World Rugby executives were demonising us

I produced the video below, calling out World Rugby and their discriminatory international ban of trans rugby gender rugby women.

It doesn’t make sense to me, as all the national unions are on board with trans inclusion and we can play at a national level, but not at an international level, as if we’re such a threat to cis gender women playing rugby against them, wouldn’t we be more of a threat at club, state and national level.

Surely one would think so, but then again, no national rugby union, nor body went along with World Rugby’s banning of us playing the game, so beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to this stuff and they had to take what they could get.

Women who play, coach and administrate rugby in the United States of America also believe rugby is for everyone, including trans women, worldwide.

In their videos on Twitter they call out some [not all] cis gender men, due to their sexist attitudes’ making women’s rugby unsafe over the years.

So sit back and enjoy listening to my pulling their discriminatory transgender policies apart after you watch some footage of me playing at club, state and national level in both rugby union and rugby league and not injuring a single cis gender woman in the process.

Although one World Rugby executive likened me to a car and my not causing an accident in my 11-year-career was a fluke.

How would he know by the way?

As World Rugby did ignore all trans women rugby players including Shoshauna Gauvin, Isabella Macbeth, Grace MacKenzie and Kelly Morgan [among others] and our careers when making their findings.

Instead they focussed on a study by Tommy Lundberg and non trans athletes, who were only one years transitioned.

As all transitioned women know, it takes several years for the feminising process to occur and if anything we need to take androgen supplements the further along we are to stay healthy, as we lack receptors [reproductive organs] to naturally produce hormones including testosterone and oestrogen.

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