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Trans Athletes – not in my backyard nor court in 2020, thank you very much

There was Margaret Court sounding off again in her Pentecostal church on Sunday about Transgender children “being the work of the devil” and Trans athletes having no right to play women’s sport.

For someone who doesn’t like Transgender people, good old Megs seems to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about us.

But for all of Court’s talk about us trans folk and trans women athletes in particular, I have to agree with her, as we have such a cushy time of it when we face off against cisgender sportswomen.


I mean we don’t even have to train and we just have to turn up to beat female all comers, such is our “testosterone fuelled advantage” that we can “wipe the floor” with any female athlete we come across on the sporting field.

Hours spent in front of the television on the couch has honed that special sports playing advantage. Couch potato one day, super athlete the next.

It comes with years of having testosterone fuelled blood coursing through our veins.

Further, people of Meg’s ilk say we were crap at playing sport against the blokes prior to our transition from male to female and I’d have to agree with them.

You’re so right, as we should’ve been quarantined and playing with dolls or whatever we were supposed to do in the 1970s and ‘80s rather than be out there partaking on the sporting field.

As long as we were as far away from you as possible though Megs – NIMBY – you would’ve been happy, right?

But I didn’t know my place, so I managed to somehow fluke and fake it playing sport with the male jocks.

Heck, I was so good at feigning I was a “bloke”, no one saw through my charade.

Ha, my conversion therapy at boarding school and in society was so good I’d even convinced myself the muscles, hairy chest and deep voice suited me, despite deep down knowing otherwise.  

Still, I knew I sucked so bad at sport I did manage to play men’s first grade rugby union as a 20-year-old (when Wallabies actually played club rugby) and was somehow one of the fastest sprinters in the whole of the machismo GPS schools back in 1983.

Heck, I stunk so bad, that I somehow snagged my way into a spot on the GPS and Joeys record breaking open 4×400 metres relay the year before. The other three guys did all the work and as a Year 11 athlete and our 3rd runner – I just came along for the ride.

My friend Kirsti Miller, she was even worse. She was such a rubbish athlete she somehow managed to be selected for Australia pre-transition as a male athlete.


The gender police weren’t out in force and somehow missed her when she won an aquathon world title. How dare she!

In modern pentathlon she was Australia’s highest placed finisher [38th] at the 1983 world championships.

She missed out on the 1984 Olympics, as she’d decided to “man up” and seriously damage her big toe in a motor cycle accident before the event.

I don’t know why Kirsti wasn’t painting her toe nails instead and living the stereotypical life us trans women folk are supposed to lead according to conservative people like you?

What about Trans athlete Erica James (who’s pictured with me in the feature image)? Pre-transition she hid herself away and played video games against herself rather than face her demons created by people like you.

By your reckoning Erica should never have been allowed to play cricket, even if Cricket Australia said she could and how dare she hit a second grade and first grade century, even if cisgender female athletes were doing exactly the same thing.

How dare she have an enjoyable sporting life where all of her teammates love and accept her?

During my own post-transition career you were right Ms Court. My being beaten up by my angry teammates was all my own doing. I mean how dare I show my face at a women’s rugby team and expect to play.

Layt, Caroline runs 080707D-5493.JPG
Sydney 1st XV Women v Queensland Women. Macquarie University Oval. 8th July 2007. Photo by Paul Seiser/SPA Images

I should’ve known my place was not among sports women and I should’ve shut myself off from the world, so yup, I asked for those seven punches to my face from my teammates.

Kirsti Miller copped it as bad and perhaps even worse when people yelled out while she played women’s AFL in Broken Hill, “don’t tackle that thing, its got AIDS”.

Kirsti 1

For good measure they went to her house afterwards and rocked her roof. At least my own teammates, who bashed me up never knew where I lived, so my roof was given a reprieve!

That would’ve been punishment enough for me being a trans person, as I agree with you any semblance of leading a normal life isn’t really for us and how dare we expect to be treated with the same courtesy and respect in society as anyone else.

Even if all of us trans folks were born this way, we have no right to upset cisgender person’s apple carts.

The fact we were AMAB and AFAB children [assigned male/female at birth] due to a minuscule part of our body being visible to doctors. Play it no mind that our minds were at odds with this gender diagnosis as outta sight – outta mind!

By your rhetoric it’s all in the mind and yes, you’re right, as it is – as our minds were formed that way long ago.

In fact, mother nature made us this way.

But you can’t see it, so you can’t be it – even though the God you worship has never been seen by the human eye and works in mysterious ways through people’s visions and prayers, we shouldn’t be allowed the same due process to be believed like your God is, as us trans folk, well, we’re all deviants and works of your fictitious devil in your eyes.

And really should trans kids be given any latitude in all of this?

Remember, in your own words, they are works of the devil [does he/she really exist after all] and even though they are too young to know anything about sex and taboos, they do know their own gender from a very young age.

But still, they don’t deserve decent lives because of who they are and should be thrown or kicked to the kerb, right?

And because of this and your own divisive rhetoric, they have no right to play in your court nor on any other sporting fields in this wonderful, but burning country of ours, do they Margaret?

But alas Margaret, I just have one question?

Who made you this all seeing and all knowing genius, simply because you could wield a tennis racket better than 99.99 per cent of the population? 

And I’d really like to know: Why do you have so much hate to beat up on defenceless trans kids Ms Court?

After all, it really is no laughing matter when you’re causing so much hate, hurt and division towards vulnerable children just because they want to live their lives as their true and authentic selves!

You could also take a tip from Battle of the Sexes winner. Ms Billie Jean King, who whipped that precocious fellow in [Bobby Riggs] who whipped your ass on the tennis court in the original Battle of the Sexes.

You could give all female athletes – cis and trans – a break and some credit on and off their chosen sporting fields.

Just because you are so compliant to the self-appointed “elites” whims should you really expect others to be?

They and we [all female athletes – cis and trans] are far better and tougher athletes than you make us out to be and they and we are no longer happy to pander to the patriarchy like you are – just to keep the same tired old status quo going!   


  1. Excellent!
    Perhaps, Ms Court is yet to transition……
    Regardless, she has NO right to take the lives of children and others!


    1. Thanks Daz … perhaps she is yet to and agrred she doesn’t have the right to take lives or cause others taking lives with her
      hateful rhetoric.


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