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All Things Trans: Episode 3 with Trans pioneer and former Australian Defence Force Captain Bridget Clinch

All Things Trans host Caroline Layt recently caught up with former ADF Captain and Veteran’s Party candidate Bridget Clinch who contested the seat of Brisbane in the 2016 Federal election.

The 39-year-old was the first ADF [Army] officer to transition on the job and she was instrumental in having the ban lifted on Transgender people serving in the military in 2011.

Bridget Clinch

Oddly enough, her own gender transition caused a kerfuffle in Canberra and the military ranks not long after, as she was transferred to Brisbane to be closer to her partner’s family.

A move the ADF uses when personnel have contentious issues in their eyes.

Disappointed, but unbowed, she’s gives a refreshing insight into the roadblocks put in her way while transitioning from male to female while still serving as an ADF officer.

She was discharged from the military suffering from anxiety and depression in 2013.

Ms Clinch is now studying law and hopes to make her presence felt once graduated, representing those in need of good legal representation, including those in the military.

During the podcast she shares insight into her own military experience, as well as her time as a candidate in Federal politics and about how she believes improvements could be made to the political system.

Globalisation, Neoliberalism, shrinking Governments and tax cuts for the rich are also discussed.

The activist also talks about her own experiences holding Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists to account through our legal system and even the current saga between Israel Folau and Rugby Australia gets a mention. @CaptainBridget

Photo: supplied


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