Caroline Layt – Biography

Caroline Layt is a freelance journalist who has written extensively about sport for The Women’s Game and The Roar. 

She has also had her written work published in the Sydney Morning Herald, MamaMia, Outsports, Pink Advocate, Star Observer and while as a student journalist: Junction Journalism.

She was also one of two lead writers for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Pride House and she not only wrote about other sports person’s narratives, but featured in the exhibit herself as an LGBTQ sporting trailblazer. 

Caroline also has her own WordPress blog site: The Left Winger and YouTube channel: Mushroom Head Productions, where she’s not afraid to air her own personal views.

The Trans Woman rugby player, track and field athlete and keen lawn bowler who graduated from Macleay College with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2018, has also produced an award winning documentary called “Is this Queensland in the 20s?” about the Sunshine Coast’s Rainbow Stairs at the township called Rainbow Beach.

Caroline also fiercely advocates for Trans Women athletes in the media space and has extensively been interviewed by media sites and mastheads about her expert views on that subject matter, as one of the few out and visible Trans Women athletes to have played both women’s rugby union and rugby league at an elite level.

She’s also not afraid to call people out on occasion when she feels they’re so called “experts” on that subject matter and also feels there needs to be Trans Women in the room when decisions are made by major sporting organisations about them, without there not being a representative or two of their own in the room.

She feels this needs to change and change rather quickly and Trans Women need to be consulted and part of the decision making process about their own lives.

Besides producing work as a freelance journalist and her advocacy work, Caroline cares for two family members including her elderly mother and younger brother, who has a mental illnes, she lives on five acres in a semi-rural area and has a dog and a cat.

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