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Sharing the success of my documentary “Is this Queensland in the 20s” at film festivals across the globe

My documentary “Is this Queensland in the 20s” is about the Rainbow stairs at Rainbow Beach being painted by fully inclusive sporting organisation, Team Rainbow, as a celebration and legacy towards their contribution at Australia’s first ever Pride House at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Permission was sought and given to Team Rainbow by Gympie Regional Council to paint the Rainbow Stairs.

Funding was allocated by the Palaczszuk Labor Government and the icon was born.

The Rainbow Stairs were illegally graffitied not long after by another group with the graffiti tag “How Good Is Living” for commercial gain.

My film documents the timeline; through a series of interviews and also from before the Stairs initial painting of them, until a resolution was found to best keep the Rainbow Stairs going for at least another three years under Council’s care.

It has been Officially Selected for inclusion at 11 film festivals and won three awards.

Thus far it has also been shown online at two International Film Festivals in Beyond the Curve (France) and 4th Independent Film Festivals (Bali, Indonesia).

Closer to home and here in Australia, it’s been a Finalist at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and has more awards/selections pending. It’s been submitted to the local Heart of Gold film festival in Gympie and other Queensland film festivals.

Promo Trailer:

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