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All Things Trans podcast: Victoria’s Law Week – Change Your ID Day for Transgender and Gender Diverse people

St Kilda Legal Services and Transgender Victoria are partnering up with the Victorian Law Foundation ahead of tomorrow’s Change Your ID Day at Law Week.

All Things Trans journalist Caroline Layt spoke to Transgender Victoria’s Sally Goldner OAM and St Kilda Legal Services outreach lawyer and Gender Diverse and Trans Masculine person Sam Elkin ahead of the event.

Mick Paskos the media liason for the day’s events always weighed in with how the event came about and his own thoughts as a descendant of European immigrants [who not so long ago had their own battle in having to change versions of themselves in order to fit into Australian society].


All three people talk about how this event will make it easier for Transgender and Gender Diverse people to access services when changing their identification to match their self-identified gender identity.

Also discussed is why this event is so important surrounding language and pronouns for Transgender and Gender Diverse people.

For people wishing to attend the event at The Stables in North Melbourne, please click on the link for more information: Change your ID Day.









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